Mature Market Experts Stat of The Day: Multiple Chronic Diseases On The Rise

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Mature Market experts: more mature market news and stats more often: Multiple Chronic Diseases On The Rise- “The percentage of mature market Americans with three or more chronic illnesses rose even more sharply.

It jumped from 13 percent in 1996 to 22 percent in 2005 for ages 45 to 64, to 45 percent for ages 65 to 79, and rose from 38 percent to 54 percent for those 80 and older. Among all ages, it went from 7 percent in 1996 to 13 percent in 2005.”

Source: MSNBC

Note: Why do I believe that chronic diseases are on the rise? Because our lifestyles are becoming more unhealthly EVERY day and because we practice reactive medicine rather than preventive. Or as my TR Mann Consulting teammate Dr. Gary Applebaum says, “in the U.S. we practice sick care.”


Mature Market Experts Stat of The Day: 5 Truths about U.S. Health Care

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Discrepancies among life expectancy in the mature market? “Despite its vast medical resources, the U.S. ranks just 34th in life expectancy, at 77.9 years. That number masks the large disparities that exist within the U.S. On average, Asian-American women live the longest-88.8 years- while African-American men have the shortest lives, 69.4 years.”

Source: Time Magazine

Excellent graphics from Time Magazine on how long we live.

Tom Peter’s PowerPoint ties into this same subject. I published this last week, but it’s worth posting again. It took Tom ten years to build this PowerPoint! Tons of interesting stats . . . I don’t agree with everything Tom says but this is well worth reading.

Note: My take on this subject is that while we can make many, many, many improvements to our health care system, it’s still the best one in the world. Unfortunately, we also have the worst health habits (diet, exercise, stress). Until we start taking better care of ourselves and demanding better food choices, we will be fighting an uphill battle. Boomers will lead the charge for healthier choices . . . those that provide them these options will reap the rewards!

I think my TR Mann Consulting teammate Dr. Gary Applebaum’s take on this subject is a balanced take on the subject: Sick Care – Part 1 and Sick Care – Part 2.

The Doctor Is In!

Dr. Gary Applebaum, M.D.
Dr. Gary Applebaum, M.D.

I’m pleased to announce we have a new teammate on board Mature Market Experts. Dr. Gary Applebaum, M.D., is not just one of the nation’s premier experts on geriatrics; he has also been a valued friend over the last 16 years.

I met Gary at Erickson Retirement Communities, where he was the first physician hired by Erickson to practice at Charlestown, its initial Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Catonsville, MD; at that time housing 400 seniors. Over the past 16 years, he was responsible for growing a one–physician practice into the Erickson Health system that currently provides comprehensive health and wellness services to 18,000 seniors residing in 16 Erickson communities in 8 states. For his efforts, Gary was named Geriatrics Clinician of the Year by the American Geriatrics Society in 1994 recognizing the unique nature of the system of care developed at Erickson.

So you can see why I’m excited about having the good doctor on board. When he blogs about the mature market, he knows what he is talking about (Gary testified at a congressional hearing for the United States House of Representatives, Select Committee on Aging’s subcommittee on long-term care).

As Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Erickson Retirement Communities, Gary developed and managed the largest group practice (Erickson Health) of geriatrics providers in America. Erickson Health is recognized for providing care that is Accessible, Appropriate and Affordable for seniors. Currently, Erickson Health is staffed by 55 physicians and 30 advance practice nurses providing over 50,000 primary care visits/year with a budget that exceeds $20 million a year.

He also developed and provided medical direction to all services of the Erickson Health system including but not limited to: skilled nursing care, assisted living, rehabilitation services (PT, OT, SLP), pharmacy services, mental health, home health, podiatry, dentistry, numerous medical specialties, emergency medical services, and health clubs. Virtually all medical needs short of tertiary acute care are available at a fully developed Erickson community.

Gary lead the installation of Centricity (GE Health Care), a primary care electronic health record system, in less than a year at 10 practices in 7 states including data entry of over 10,000 patients’ charts. To accomplish this, the team needed to train over 200 providers and staff members to use system. Erickson’s practices are now paperless including all medical documentation, as well as prescriptions and billing. I have long considered electronic medical records essential to improving the U.S. health care system forward.

Most importantly, Gary loves seniors. Currently, he continues to practice medicine at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital. He is also a partner and investor in an early stage venture capital fund, Nobska Ventures. In addition, he recently joined the team at TR Mann Consulting.

As many of you know, I have long loved Tom Peter’s rants on what’s wrong with American health care. The beauty of Gary is that he brings Tom’s anger and adds gasoline to it with a powerful dose of insider’s knowledge and real solutions to make things better.

This is going to be fun!