Do you Have a Google Strategy?

News last week that Google hit the 141 million mark on web visits – surpassing Yahoo for the first time – prompts the question:  Do you have a Google strategy in your marketing mix? 

Aging (Life) is Expensive, Should We Be Teaching Financial Literacy in School?

The subprime mortage meltdown has illustrated once again how ill prepared adults are to navigate an increasingly complex financial marketplace.  Life is expensive, and it gets really expensive when you think about living in a continuing care retirement community or having services delivered to your home.

Makes me wonder . . . should we be teaching financial literacy in schools?  Perhaps helping the next generation get grounded in the Three S’s (Saving, Spending, Sharing) in addition to the Three Rs.

An Insight from the Boomer Summitt

Look forward to being a periodic contributor at Mature Market Experts, although I’m not very mature and to label myself an expert is probably a bigger stretch than Manute Bol’s wing span. 

In my daily life, I’m vice president of communcications and public affairs at Ecumen, which is one of the country’s largest non-profit senior housing, services and development companies.  We’re based in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  I invite you to visit our “Changing Aging” blog here.

I had not attended the Boomer Summitt that Tom mentioned in his earlier post for a couple of years.  What I was struck by at this conference is how issues of “caregiving” had a more significant space on stage than the previous one I attended.  A lot of marketers, media and others like to skip over the part about aging where we get sick and die.  But it’s reality.  Gail Sheehy, who has authored 15 books, including the mega-seller Passages was one of the keynote speakers.  She has a book coming out from Harper Collins next year on Caregiving.  This is an issue that’s going to continue to rise and the boomers are going to elevate it because they’re going to be (and many already are) living it.