Traveling With A Disability – It CAN Be Done

For many years people who were suffering from disabilities whether minor or more serious might have thought it best to avoid vacations like cruises, for the simple reason that they felt it might be too dangerous or that their specialist needs and requirements for safety and comfort might not be met. Nowadays, it’s pleasing to report that all of that is changing and more and more cruise liners and companies are putting the effort into making sure that people with mobility issues are well catered for and made to feel that they can have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation that is as stress free and pleasant as possible.

It’s important that you take responsibility for your needs, think ahead and forward plan for your trip. You’ll need to consider the type of room you’ll need, whether it will need to have any adaptation made to it and also whether you’ll be allowed to take things like a mobility scooter or wheelchair on board with you. These days most cruise liners will allow both, but they will need to be made aware of this well in advance of you traveling.

Some cruise liners have specially adapted rooms – these can actually be up to fifty percent larger than regular cabins for travelers, to allow for specialist equipment to be placed within or changes to be made at short notice. You may also have to contact a reputable, outside agency – very often these can be recommended by your cruise company, to help with mobility equipment such as shower seats, hoists and handrails, or anything else you might need to make the stay on your cruise liner of choice a memorable and happy one.

Written By Guest Blogger: Sally James

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