Adolescence Again – Your Thoughts on “Middlescence?”

Man with bicycle

Remember those adolescent years? Some of you may wish you return there again. Others may say, “No way!” When we reach our middle years, some suggest we go through a second adolescence called “middlescence.”

In the first adolescent phase, we had to deal with the challenges of moving into adult life and planning for our future. In the second, we consider our future as an aging person, and don’t forget the AARP membership invitation that arrives around your 50th birthday which helps to remind you!

I’m curious to hear your thoughts about going through middlescence. What did you experience? How did you get through it? For those about to enter this period, what are you anticipating about this phase of life?

From a mature marketer’s perspective, what do you see as the opportunities to serve others through this life course transition?


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