Mature Market Experts Reader Press Release: New Senior Focused Web Portal Wants 5 Minutes of Your Time

Just 5 minutes of your time could help out a friend in need, a neighbor, or a complete stranger you’ll never know. The Senior List® (Beaverton, OR) wants you to spend a few minutes to voice your opinion about senior services in your local community. Why you ask? The Senior List is betting that you’ll need some help down the road too… and they’ve built a tool to facilitate a “give and take” for consumers nationwide.

The Senior List ( is a consumer driven web portal focusing in the area of senior services. With its unique, user friendly interface, The Senior List allows anyone to add and rate senior related businesses in all 50 states. Ratings are then available to all in an effort to make difficult decisions a little easier. Chris Clark, co-founder and CEO of The Senior List has spent the last 18 years working in healthcare. “The landscape out there has really changed, and the old ways of doing business just aren’t enough anymore. Consumer empowerment is all around us, and the leverage it gives to those that embrace it is incredible. The Senior List fills a much needed niche and we hope our brand becomes the trusted gateway to senior services nationwide.”

The Senior List originally launched in 2006 as a regional website to support The Senior Resource Network, a placement and referral service located in Portland, OR. Interest was so high at that time; management felt they were on to something. “Everyone we worked with kept saying you need to grow this, and offer more… so we made some enhancements and began to build a solution.”

Clark says the biggest challenge has been building brand awareness, and calling consumers to action. “Whenever there is something that changes the status quo, there are challenges. When a connected consumer thinks plumber, roofer, or painter they think Angie’s List®… When they think elder law attorney, assisted living, or home care we want them to think The Senior List®, and it’s beginning to happen.” The Senior List is a free resource, but it requires consumer involvement to make it work… Just about 5 minutes of your time to be exact.

The Senior List is an online solution that allows consumers to recommend local businesses by filling out a simple survey. It’s a way to let your voice be heard, and the only nationwide solution of its kind. Since the results of the surveys are posted to The Senior List, consumers can browse the vast database created by their peers to find trustworthy service providers.

The Senior List is located online at


*To request company fact sheet; email


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