Choosing Marketing Images That Motivate Mature Consumers

j03091501 mature market experts boating

PHOTO FINISH Research, Webinar 

Last year, Creating Results asked several hundred mature adults for their opinions on advertising – and they didn’t hold back.

“There’s nothing there.”
“It’s too cluttered.”
“It’s romantic!”
“It’s unrealistic.”

The result is better understanding of what works and what doesn’t in choosing images that appeal to and motivate different segments of the mature market.

Todd Harff will present the results of this proprietary survey on photo preferences in a webinar on January 28, hosted by the International Mature Marketing Network (IMMN).IMMN Webinar – PHOTO FINISH
DATE: January 28, 2009
TIME: 11:00am EST


In this webinar, Todd will review findings on what photos captivate vs. what photos turn prospects off. Find out how results segment by age, gender, employment status, income and more. Learn insights that can make your communications more effective and help you build relationships with prospects.

Register today to learn how to save money and make your messages motivate mature consumers!

Get actionable data and new insights for your marketing decisions in 2009.

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