Mature Market Experts Gem of The Day: New Housing Trend

CB100292 Mature market intergenerational family

Mature Market Experts: more mature market news and stats more often – New Housing Trend – It wasn’t too long ago that I blogged about the return to the intergenerational household. The number of parents moving in with their kids is jumping dramatically. In fact, the trend is playing out at the highest level. Did anyone else’s catch the none-too-subtle Inauguration Day mentions that Marian Robinson, the 71-year old mother of first lady Michelle Obama, would be moving to the White House to look after her grandchildren (I hope our client, GRAND magazine, covers this story)? This trend has huge implications.

To me the movement makes sense on multiple levels:

1.      Baby Boomers have a distain for institutional living that does not match their vision of where their parents should be living. They will continue to look for improvements in what most consider to be an unacceptable warehousing (assisted living and nursing care) of their parents . . . with an eye towards making improvements for their own future

2.      After taking their kids back into their homes, Boomers have grown comfortable with extended living. Now that the kids have moved out, the parents are moving in

3.      The economics of intergenerational living combined with today’s economy create a condition where this just makes sense. We are entering an age of frugality (from an economic and environmental standpoint)

In short, just as it is playing out at the White House, Americans are discovering there are benefits to this symbiotic relationship.

At TR Mann Consulting we’re coaching our clients to think about some of these important trends and how they might adopt their businesses. What are some of the implications you see to this trend? In your opinion, how will it effect real estate? Consumer products?

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