Does Wisdom Come With Age?

42-16569052 mature market experts

Does the mature market possess more wisdom than the younger generation? In short, does wisdom come with age?

According to a recent MSNBC article: “It’s paradoxes like these that lie at the heart of a new $2 million research project called Defining Wisdom. Based at the University of Chicago, the four-year initiative, supported by the Templeton Foundation, has enlisted 23 scholars ranging from historians to economists to psychologists to computer scientists to examine the idea of wisdom, with the aim of cultivating it and better understanding its nature.”

What’s particularly interesting, is that scientists are now studying if you can compress and organize your brain’s memory for faster recall, much the same way that you would compress a high-fidelity digital music file and reduce it to a much smaller mp3 format file.

Amazing stuff. I know there’s a whole generation of Boomers hoping they find the answer.







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