Joppel Solves Medicare Confusion

For any of you who’ve been challenged by the intricacies of Medicare, supplemental coverage and drug coverage, you’ll be glad to know there’s finally a solution.

Joppel is a free service created by a team with over 65 years of experience in healthcare to assist seniors and their caregivers navigate the difficult task of choosing appropriate health insurance. According to John Hobson, president of Joppel, “We wanted to create easy to use, consumer-friendly tools that provide transparency of information and allow the consumer to compare all plans side by side.”

Medicare plans vary from county to county, creating an overwhelming number of plans and options to choose from.  Seniors traditionally rely on an insurance broker or friends for insurance plan recommendations. This approach limits the number of options to plan carried by the broken or to friends’ recommendations that may not fit others in the same way.

Joppel leverages technology to do the heavy lifting in sorting through all plans based on consumer requirements.  Joppel’s unique side-by-side approach to insurance plans enables consumers to realize cost savings by picking plans that better align with their needs.

One very cool feature was the ability to invite a co-browser, which would enable family members to help their loved one’s navigate the system while in two different locations.  It’s as if they are both looking at the same screen!

Joppel has a chance to change the way people interact with and choose Medicare plans.  Very nice.

About the author: Ryan Malone is the managing editor of Inside Assisted Living, an online resource helping families evaluate and transiiton to assisted living.  He is also the author of The By Families, For Families Guide to Assisted Living.


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