A Share of Sunrise for 4 Bits?

What are we supposed to make of this Mature Market Experts?   What is arguably (forgive me, Erickson) the most dominate brand in senior housing is trading at less than 50 cents a share as of this writing.  That same share was trading north of $26 on the first trading day of this calendar year.

                For a bit of perspective on how Sunrise might emerge from these straits, I recommend long time industry analyst and skillful writer Steve Monroe’s blog www.levinassociates.com/dealmakersforum/dealmakers%20blog.htm.

                As a marketer, here is what I take away:

1.  Aging continues, as far as I can tell.  Although with all of the news being financial, it is possible someone has found a way to prevent it and the media hasn’t picked up on it yet.

2.  With aging, comes change.  I’d argue that a retiree experiences more change in a shorter period of time than any other age group, save perhaps infants to 3 year olds.

3.  These changes create specialized needs for a constellation of products and services.

4.  Unfortunately, most of the changes aging brings are negative – can’t drive at night, lost a spouse or a friend, grandkids are off to college, a health issue …

5.  We work for companies that provide services and products to meet the needs these changes create.

6.  Being in marketing, we are responsible for half of the most critical financial equation in the financial world – revenue.  Bringing in more revenue than expenses still carries the day.

 7.  Inspiring people to purchase your company’s products and services is, in most instances, a noble pursuit.  You improve people’s lives. 

                Now is the time to market like hell — write stronger copy … fight for that marketing budget … attend to the myriad of details … establish stronger relationships with prospects … dig deeper into that database … do more and do better.

                All in the name of inspiring more people to buy than ever before.  The times demand that we deliver extraordinary results for our customers, our companies, and ourselves. 

                That’s my two cents.  Add another 48 and you too can attend Sunrise’s next annual meeting.







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