Free Online Business School Classes

I haven’t tried this, yet, but it looks interesting. A former Professor of Management at New York University (NYU Stern School of Management), Jack Bloom is offering free on-line business classes to anyone who wants to learn. Each class is about three months. Grades and a certificate of completion are available as an option. The class includes weekly videos and readings. He does not require pre-requisites, so anyone with a desire to learn can take the class.

You can join
the current class on Corporate Strategy which started last week and easily catch up by watching the first 20 minute video. They are currently studying the strategy and future of Google. Next week they are looking at the sub-prime mortgage disaster. They will cover cases from many industries, as well as many ways to understand strategy including the work of Peter Drucker, Michael Porter, and approaches from McKinsey, Bain, Boston Consulting Group, General Electric, The Balanced Scorecard, and a number of strategies for Innovation.Other classes include Corporate Finance, Writing A Business Plan and Raising Capital, Economics, and Marketing.

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