Mature Market Experts Stat of The Day: Hip and Knee Replacements

Is the mature market more physically active than the last generation? Yes. In fact, this December when I speak at the 6th Annual International Council on Active Aging Conference one of the topics I’ll be covering is the booming mature market enrollment rates at health clubs. Not everyone is a aspiring 73-year old college basketball player but today’s senior understands that the key to being healthy is being active.

One of the results of this trend is skyrocketing numbers of boomers and matures getting hip and knee replacements:

“Not so long ago, hip and knee replacements were seen as being for those age 65 and younger. But advances in materials, types of procedures, even anesthesia, are making it more likely for surgeons to accept patients age 80-plus. The result? From 1997 to 2005, the number of knee surgeries rose from 328,800 procedures to 555,800 procedures, and hip replacements increased from 290,700 to 383,500 procedures.”

Source: The Erickson Tribune

Also, see this video from Nightly News on the effects this new trend is having on Medicare.


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