Are You a “Caregiver-Friendly” Business?

I just read an article, “How Do Family Caregivers Describe Their Needs for Professional Help?” and it made me think about those of us in the Mature Market industry. There is much emphasis on making our businesses Elder or Boomer-friendly, but have we thought about our industry also becoming a “Caregiver-friendly” one? We realize an important lifecycle issue for the Mature Market will be in the prospect of becoming a caregiver as they and their aging parents live longer.

The article, derived from the results of a focus group study, mentioned these caregiver needs in order of priority:

  1. Information about available services
  2. Stress management and coping strategies
  3. Help with financial issues and insurance coverage
  4. Help with communicating with professionals
  5. Information on disease
  6. Help with recruiting competent help
  7. Help with learning care tasks
  8. Help with communicating with person with dementia
  9. Legal advice
  10. Information about drugs
  11. Help with addressing end-of-life issues
  12. Advice on moving recipient to a facility
  13. Help with dealing with family

How will the needs of caregivers impact the future of your business? I believe this is something important to consider, whether you are a retailer, a consultant or even as an employer. For more detail, the article is at: Article

Source: AARP press release of September 17, 2008, “Family Caregivers Need Help to Handle Heavy Care Demands – Lack Information, Training.” Press Release. The report mentioned in the press release, “State of the Science: Professional Partners Supporting Family Caregiving” is available at Report and includes the above article and many others on this topic.


2 Responses

  1. Steve –

    Your post on “Caregiver-Friendly” services for the Mature Market is an excellent point that requires businesses to think outside the box.

    I have provided HIPAA consulting to healthcare organizations for a number of years, but I’ll admit that the greatest HIPAA curiosity comes from nursing home residents and other healthcare patients, that are somewhat aware of HIPAA but want to learn more.

    HIPAA for Caregivers and the Mature Market is compelling and should be considered. Creating a HIPAA Web-site just for residents, patients and their families to learn more in a very user friendly, non-legal presentation could be a very helpful service.

    Grant Peterson, J.D.

  2. Reblogged this on Aging in America and Florida and commented:

    I blogged this about 6 years ago. I continue to see this trend so I wanted to post on my current blog site.

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