Mature Market Experts Stat of The Day: Radio

Boomer / Senior / Mature Market Stat of the Day – “Boomers also search for substantive radio programming. According to the fall 2001 RADAR (Radio’s All Dimension Audience Research) study produced by Arbitron, Baby Boomers listen to the radio an average of 21 hours per week, about two hours more per week than most other adults. Program preferences differ slightly between older and younger Boomers. According to Arbitron, news/talk is No. 1 for older Boomers and rock is No. 5, while rock is No. 2 with younger Boomers and adult contemporary is No. 1. And just as Baby Boomer viewing supported the rise of cable news networks, their avid ears have led to the enormous popularity of talk radio.”

Source: Targeting Boomers“. American Demographics.

Note to my Mature Market friends, buying media for the mature market is a vastly misunderstood science. Understanding what to buy and what to roadblock is essential to your success. This is especially true if you hope to be successful with the 65+ market. The beauty of this market is that they can be reach far cheaper than any other age group.


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