Mature Market Experts Stat of The Day: Apparel

Boomer / Senior / Mature Market Stat of the Day – Women in the mature market have disposable income and a love of clothes:

“Boomers spent an estimated $42.7 billion on apparel in 2004. But they don’t wear the same sizes they wore at age 18. Clothing stores are opening across the U.S. that specialize in great-looking apparel for woman over age 35 – clothing that has verve as well as elastic waistbands.”

Source: Tapping the Boomer Marketplace, by Mary Furlong, 2007


“In fact, 40 percent of female Boomers say they like or love to shop for clothes, according to Cotton Incorporated’s Lifestyle Monitor™. And they shop for clothing 1.7 times a month. Compare that to GenXers (women aged 30-42), 45 percent of whom say they like or love to shop, and go out shopping 1.9 times a month.

In 2006, Baby Boomers accounted for 35.3 percent of unit sales and 33.3 percent dollar sales of apparel, according to data from NPD Fashionworld’s AccuPanel. In the first three months of 2007, unit sales of apparel for this age group declined 3.3 percent but dollar sales increased 3.0 percent.”


Source: Cotton Incorporated, The Big Boom Theory


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