Mature Market Experts Stat of The Day: Technology and Early Adopters

There is a myth that the mature market is afraid of technology. Here’s another example of how wrong that can be:

“Maybe they tried to ask for directions, or maybe they didn’t, but married active seniors appear to have been lost often enough and badly enough that they’re willing to pay money to avoid repeating the experience—because on average they are more than twice as likely to own or be planning to buy an in-car navigation system than other Americans. Younger folks, however, are not totally lost (ahem) to the technology.

Current in-car navigation systems marry GPS receivers with online map displays to show where the car is at a given moment. Then, anyone with basic map-reading skills can more easily find their way to their destination, whether it is day or night. MetaFacts, Inc., was able to identify this surprise market segment and gauge the market potential of this latest automotive accessory by analyzing responses to questionnaires from its large-scale Technology User Profile survey.

Married active seniors are 213 percent of the national average in their usage or near-term purchase intent for an in-car GPS. Older empty-nesters (or the single-income-no-kids crowd) are the next most likely, being won over to the technology at a rate that’s 153 percent higher than average.


Why is this important?

The early adopters for new technology aren’t always young, urban hipsters. Any technology marketers that put all their energies in the wrong direction will simply miss the mark. The other side of an old marketing adage goes: when someone finds a need, they’ll fill it.”


In-Car GPS: Lifecycle Demographic Segments With Above-Average Usage or Purchase Plans


Households Within Segment That Use or Plan to Acquire In-Car GPS


Percent of National Average

Married Active Seniors



Affluent Empty Nesters/Sinks, Older



Affluent Singles/Unmarried, Younger



Affluent Traditional Families



Affluent Singles/Unmarried, Older



Single Parents



National average



Source: MetaFacts/TRG Telematics Profile Report – April 2005,
 and MetaFacts Lifecycle Profile Report – May 2005


See the rest of the article here.

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