Mature Market Experts Stat of The Day: Retirement

Source: Institute For The Future: Boomers in Transition

Boomer / Senior / Mature Market Stat of the Day – I have a theory that the upper-middle class to wealthier Boomers will reinvent what retirement means. How? By working longer and creating mini-retirements (a concept developed and coined by Timothy Ferriss in his book The 4-Hour Workweek) throughout their careers.

The idea behind the mini-retirement is that the traditional plan of working hard until you are 62 and then coming to a dead stop seems a little odd. Wealthier Boomers want a healthy mix of work and play with many viewing a traditional retirement as death of the mind and body. And for many Boomers, today’s technology makes working from remote locations a real possibility.

The travel and financial industries need to gain a better understanding of boomers and the mature market if they are to thrive in the changing landscape. In addition, I believe second/vacation homes will continue to grow in importance (for the less adventurous who are afraid to travel far from home).


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