Coining a new term, “Boomer Alley”

The Baltimore-Washington corridor is quickly becoming “Boomer Alley” (Silicon Valley has nothing on us). Think about it. Driven by health care and the aging population, business is booming (by 2016 health care is expected to be 20% of GDP). Boomer Alley has NIH (which has 27 Institutions and Centers), AARP, Social Security, The Capital, Erickson Retirement Communities, The Erickson School of Aging, Retirement Living TV, Coventry Health Care, Johns Hopkins, MedImmune, United Therapeutics . . . the list goes on and on. Not to mention more associations (for example, American Diabetes Association) than you can shake a stick at. The synergy these health care giants are creating . . . and the great minds they are attracting is changing the way we will live as we age.

The only thing wrong with this term is that it doesn’t expand to cover the mature market. Unfortunately, Boomer Plus Alley doesn’t sound right. That being said, Boomer Alley has a sexier ring to it than any of the other names I could come up with and gets the general idea across.

Mature Market Experts; is Boomer Alley usable the way Silicon Valley is?


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