Will A Digital Publication Work For The Mature Market?

GRAND Magazine goes digital!

GRAND Magazine goes digital!

Dear Mature Market Experts, as you know, I value your opinions. One of my clients, GRAND Magazine, has come out with a new digital version of their magazine. I’d like to invite you to enjoy GRAND Magazine’s new “Green Read” for free by viewing the new digital edition of GRAND Magazine. 


Instructions:  Visit www.grandmagazine.com, click on the flipping icon on the top right.  After a brief one-time registration, you will have instant access to the digital edition of GRAND!  The next time you return to www.grandmagazine.com  all you have to do is click on the flipping icon and you will be taken directly to the current digital issue of GRAND Magazine.


Why is GRAND going down this path?

  • Going GREEN is on everyone’s mind today. GRANDparents want to set good examples for their grandchildren and ensure a healthy planet for future generations.
  • Going GLOBAL is a GRAND dream come true!  Now grandparents from around the world can have GRAND delivered right to their inbox.
  • The 50+ age group is the fastest growing segment on the Internet. While the mature market may not have grown up using computers, seniors are embracing the utility and convenience in record numbers for many reasons, one of which is to keep up with the grandkids! GRAND still believes that consumer magazines are a respite from the frantic world around us. Now, GRAND readers can have their cake and eat it too.  They can have their print magazine to relax with and enjoy at their leisure AND now they can experience full convenience of instant access to GRAND’s editorial and advertisers online.

 E-GRAND allows readers to…

  • Have instant access to GRAND Magazine from anywhere at any time!
  • Download and save  the entire issue or specific articles to their desktop
  • Forward entire issue or specific article to a friend
  • Search by name/ topic/ or keyword
  • Print articles or advertisements
  • Click on “live links” in  editorial,
  • Immediate access to all advertisers and service providers’ websites/live links

At this time, GRAND’s plan is to provide the August issue FREE of charge to everyone through the end of the month. After that, they will offer single copies and E-GRAND subscriptions FREE to all print subscribers. For non-subscribers, there will be a nominal charge for single copies and digital subscriptions.


Anyway, I’d be interested in your opinions. What in your opinion can make this more user friendly? Would you read a publication in this format? What about the publications’ subject matter? Also, feel free to pass this along to any GRAND you know and get their opinions too!


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