Mature Market Experts Stat of The Day: Home Ownership

The top row shows that the U.S. homeownership rate in 1985 was 63.9 percent. It rose a mere 0.2 percent during the decade ending in 1994. This relatively flat trend masked considerable divergence among age groups. For most groups in the period 1985 to 1994, homeownership rates fell. The younger the group, the greater was the decline. Only for the mature market, aged 65 years and older, did homeownership rise—to 77.4 percent by 1994.


The rate of homeownership among the oldest group continued to rise—up 4.8 percent to 81.1 by 2004. The homeownership rates for all the younger groups, after 1994, stopped falling and began to rise as well. The turnaround was greatest for the two youngest groups, which are dominated by first-time buyers.


Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


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