Is now the time for seniors to sell their houses? Part 2

        Yes, I read Warren Buffett’s warning that a recession is here and could get worse . . .

        I know the economy is bad and that there are a lot of houses on the market, there will be for some time. That was the point of my earlier blog.

        There is a great article in the (that while obviously self-serving) does a good job of tackling this subject. Yes, I know the market is ugly. My point is merely this; seniors need to weigh the value of time and lifestyle vs. putting off for a “better time to sell.” The market is stagnant and will remain so for some time. If you bought your house more than ten years ago you will most likely still see tons of appreciation.

        I know too many seniors who missed their opportunity to enjoy their retirement because they couldn’t pull the trigger on selling their house.

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