Mature Market Experts Stat of The Day: Living Longer

Living longer: “An individual who reaches age 65 has a life expectancy of age 85. What are the chances he or she will live beyond that age?” 50%!!!

Longevity: based on actuarial tables, a woman who makes it to age 60 has an average life expectancy of 23 years. But that doesn’t mean this woman is sure to die at 83. What it means is that the woman has a 50-50 chance of living beyond 83, as well as a 50 percent chance of dying before that age.
Live long and Prosper: A 65-year-old man, for example, has about a 30 percent chance of living to 90 and a 4 percent or so chance of cracking the century mark.

Live long and prosper: For those individuals who live to age 65, more than half, 53%, of single females and 41% of single males will still be alive at age 85. For married couples, 72% will have at least one spouse alive at age 85. 

First 4 facts, Source: US Census Bureau

Planning?: A 2003 GE study noted:
 Only 11% knew the average life expectancy for someone 65 years old today is over age 85.
57% of survey respondents over the age of 55 say they have no idea how they’re going to fund their retirement.
19% know someone who has outlived their retirement or pension.


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