“It doesn’t have a Wienie”

          Excellent post by Mark Ramsey on his blog Hear 2.0 about Walt Disney (which I found through Seth Godin’s blog). Apparently, Disney used this term, “It doesn’t have a Wienie,” whenever he felt the magic was missing from a project. Or more succinctly, wienies are ”the something extra” you add when the customer or audience already thinks they are satisfied.

Mickey Mouse

            I’m amazed at how seldom you see that “something” extra when it comes to the senior market and health care (Note: I’m speaking of matters outside the care-giving realm right now . . . where you see extraordinary acts every day).

I’d love to hear about the magic from my fellow Mature Market Experts. Here’s your chance to publicize your organization. In fact, I may even use it in a book I am beginning to formulate.


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