Focalyst Executive Forum – October 2-3, 2008 – NYC

Insights for marketers targeting boomers and seniors


At 125 million strong, Boomer and Mature consumers spend over $3 trillion annually and represent one of the biggest business opportunities of the 21st century. As this multifaceted group redefines what it means to “grow old”, their behaviors and attitudes are having a profound effect on retirement, health, finance, leisure, technology and many other industry areas. As a result, the business community at large is directing their attention to this once “overlooked” senior demographic, devising strategies and tactics for understanding them, reaching them and creating products and services that can meet their needs.

According to the press release: Focalyst Executive Forum is the pre-eminent event for marketers and leading executives targeting Boomers and beyond. No other event provides as many industry perspectives and actionable insights as this one. Conference programs are thoughtfully built with the trends of the market and the needs of the business community in mind. Through our work with hundreds of clients across a wide range of industries we are acutely aware of the challenges businesses face and are well-versed in best-fit content for meeting information needs.

The Forum is unique among emerging Boomer conferences because it:

  • Caters exclusively to senior executives and experts, specifically those in marketing, market research, advertising and brand management
  • Attracts high-level speakers from Fortune 500 corporations leading their industries in understanding and targeting Boomers and Matures
  • Focuses on business issues and actual case studies – not consultant self-promotion speeches
  • Presents proprietary ideas and data from Focalyst
  • Delivers a high-class, unique brand experience from the venue to the quality of networking opportunities

For more information you can review the 2006 Focalyst Executive Forum site.

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