Calling all grandparents!

        Do you know an extraordinary grandparent? First a bit of full disclosure: GRAND Magazine is one of TR Mann Consulting’s clients. I love their product (it’s a magazine and website written for today’s active grandparents) because they truly understand my mantra “it’s about stage NOT age!” I also love GRAND because it is operated by two wonderful, caring people; founder, Christine Crosby and her husband, Jonathan Micocci.  

       Few people are fully aware of a recent startling shift in family dynamics, but grandparents are the primary caregivers for nearly six million children in this country – and the numbers are growing. In fact, 75 percent of all non-parental care of children in America is now provided by grandparents. 

            “Grandparents are becoming increasingly critical to the health and welfare of our nation’s children,” says Dr. Lorrie Henderson, acting president of the 126-year-old national children’s crisis charity KidsPeace.  “At a time when children are facing unprecedented stresses and many parents are busy juggling home and career, the deep reservoir of knowledge and parenting wisdom held by today’s 79 million grandparents amounts to nothing less that a national treasure. We must do more to recognize this growing trend and provide support and recognition to those who are raising increasing numbers of America’s children.”


GRANDparent of The Year


To focus the nation’s attention on this phenomenon and provide grandparents with the recognition they deserve, the national children’s charity KidsPeace, Humana, Mattel, Beaches Resorts and GRAND Magazine are launching the third annual national search for an example of extraordinary care worthy of the title of GRANDparent of the Year.    

So, here’s your chance, Mature Market Experts! Any member of the American public can nominate a GRANDparent of the Year (deadline June 22, 2008).  Nominating forms are available in the May/June issue of GRAND Magazine and online at . Children should use the kid-safe site (no personal information is asked). All nominations should include a short, 100-word description of why the nominee deserves this honor. The GRANDparent of the Year will be honored with a seven-day, six-night all-inclusive luxury vacation for two in the Turks and Caicos or Jamaica from Beaches Resorts. The top 10 finalists will receive a $100 gift certificate and their photos and essays of nomination will be published in the Sept/Oct issue of GRAND Magazine in time for National Grandparents Day on September 7, and on In addition, every grandparent nominated will receive a free subscription to GRAND Magazine.

  “Grandparents play an increasingly critical role in the shaping of new generations,” says Christine. “Grandparents are full time caregivers for almost six million American children and are caregivers day and night to tens of millions more children while their parents work. It’s about time we learn to value grandparents in our society as much as other cultures do, we will all benefit.”


What’s next?


To me, Christine is a role model for today’s grandparent, a busy business woman who always makes time for her family. So I asked her, “Tell me about your role as a grandparent.”

“Becoming a grandparent has transformed my life beyond measure. I’m trying to celebrate the joys and tackle the challenges of one of life’s sweetest experiences – having grandchildren. And nothing could be any more important, just ask any grandparent!” Christine chuckles, “Thanks to advances in health care, today’s grandparent is so much more active. I’m certainly not a granny. I skate, do yoga, and video conference with my grandkids. I’m fully engaged in being a grandparent.”

Christine continues, “But I’m also fully engaged in my business. Right now, GRAND is launching a nationwide initiative to recognize American cities that provide an intergenerational quality of life for citizens, families, and visitors. GRAND Cities are those cities that value a clean, safe environment, promote education and culture, offer economic opportunity at all levels and respect the youngest and oldest of their citizens.”

She closes our interview in almost a whisper that reveals a secret, “It’s all about balance.”


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