Upcoming Event – OlderRicherWiser?

Older, richer, wiser? Hear what our speakers had to say on the topic of senior marketing in an article in Marketing this week. Kevin Brennan from Kellogg’s, Jo Kenrick from B&Q and Fiona Hought from Millennium discuss their vision, strategy and approach to engaging with the 50+ consumer. Read their views by downloading the PDF below.


 The over 50s represent a significant resource in terms of disposable time and income, yet they are significantly under-marketed. With this demographic set to increase to 50% of the population by 2030, how do you tap into the grey pound? Following the success of our 2007 event, Marketing magazine is delighted to present our 7th annual Older, Richer, Wiser? conference: 

Essential Insights Into Behaviour, Channel Consumption & Online Usage For Targeted Campaigns That Segment And Engage The 50 + Market

29 May 2008, The Cavendish Conference Centre, London


Focusing on the perennial topic of how to market to and engage the older consumer, this conference is certain to be a must-see event for anyone involved in a B2C environment across all industries.


New technology and the older consumer:

  • Patterns of online usage
  • Tracking response
  • How prevalent is mobile phone use? How prevalent is SMS use?
  • Do the older generation make use of social networking sites and forums?  

Media Consumption:

  • How does online measure up to offline methods?
  • Traditional media consumption


  • By age, eg. 50-65, 65-75, 75+  |  By lifestyle  |  By attitude
  • Adjust your tone  

Consumer Insight:

  • Profile your older consumer
  • Online usage    |   income   |   attitudinal drivers   |   media consumption

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