At risk, our freedom . . . and our donuts

I recently stumbled upon a wonderful AP story, “Seniors balk at ban on free doughnuts.” Now, I was drawn to this story on several angles:


1.                 I love sweets

2.                 I love debates on our individual freedoms

3.                 I love issues pertaining to the 50+ market


At what point do we lose our individual ability to choose what’s right or wrong for us? Who gets to decide what’s healthy and what’s not? And what does age have to do with it?


Yes, I understand the ban on cigarette smoking in public places (in fact, I hate to admit it but I enjoy going to restaurants/bars far more now that smoking has been banned.) Sadly, I am also certain that it won’t be long before someone says I can’t have that steak or martini that the now smokeless establishment is serving.


What’s particularly funny about this story is the age bias. A 78-year old can’t have another donut because he/she (gasp) might die. Are you kidding me, have you seen the food lingering around every corner in most offices today?


In fact, I’m tempting fate right now with a piece of chocolate — sorry about the messy keyboard.


Yes, we should all try to live healthfully. That’s obvious. But then again, so is the freedom of choice that any adult with functioning cogitative skills should have.


A Hersey’s Kiss for your thoughts . . .


2 Responses

  1. This is an interesting article. I posted it on a message board about health and diet on Check it out:

  2. I love chocolate..For a Hersey’s Kiss. Wow!

    I have a few thoughts left in this old brain. I will have to push some old things out to gather new information.

    Yes, freedom of choice is a wonderful thing and as baby boomers we helped that movement in the 60’s.
    We have come a long way and learned much.

    Its only a freedom of choice if what you’re doing doesn’t effect my health or my grandchildrens.

    SMOKING is not a good choice. That is in a choice someone had to stop. Smokers new the health risks for others and seemed not to really care. So eat that donut and anything else you like but, Smoke your brains out at HOME and don’t DRINK and drive.

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